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With prices starting at CHF 990,000 this is a rare chance to own your dream Alpine home.

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Infused with character and creativity

Discover Mira
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Introducing Mira

True to the spirit of Andermatt, Mira brings a vibrant atmosphere and inviting shared spaces to a village known for its community. This is where new neighbours become old friends, a place whose bustling village life means there’s plenty to do even long after the snow has melted. Located in the heart of Andermatt Reuss and surrounded by the valley’s spectacular nature, Mira has Alpine living down to an art.

Loft living in Andermatt

Inside and out, Mira harbours a boundless creative energy with every detail of its spaces set up to spark new ideas. Behind the sgraffito-inspired painted façade lie 18 mezzanine apartments with double-height ceilings, spiral staircases and windows so vast as to seem invisible – the mountains right there, close enough you want to reach out and touch the lofty peaks.

Down to an art

With its striking sculptural proportions, Mira offers residents the chance to live in art, surrounded by art. Whether you want to showcase works from your collection or let the panoramic views speak for themselves, Mira’s loft-style residences are the place you go to reconnect with your creative self, where art is found in everything and experiences lived become lasting memories.

Atelier 522’s building highlights

Interior design and planning practice Atelier 522 has applied its limitless creativity, meticulous attention to detail and technical know-how to create 18 loft-style residences that are as versatile as they are inspiring. Here, its team of designers reveals the building’s stand-out features.

Andermatt Mira Brochure 20211215 Final w ArchitectsPhoto 41 Page 1 Image 0001 (3)

SWISS-ITALIAN DIALOGUE Mira’s architecture blends typically Swiss and Italian features to create a unique art of living. Grand Italian-style interiors meet traditional Swiss sgraffito-inspired walls.

SCULPTURAL SHAPE The building’s sculptural layout gives way to a series of apartments that feel like individual little houses, each with their own staircase leading to the second floor.

Andermatt Mira Brochure 20211215 Final w ArchitectsPhoto 41 Page 1 Image 0002

DUPLEX LAYOUT Mira's one-bedroom apartments feels spacious thanks to the duplex layout. The high ceilings give dwellers a feeling of grandezza – another nod to Italian architecture.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS From the timber to the terrazzo floors, all building materials used in the interiors are of the highest quality.

Andermatt Responsible

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for Andermatt and the region beyond. Andermatt Responsible is our campaign for sustainable, climate-friendly tourism in the region. We incorporate the community in mountain cleanups and keep the consumption of resources as low as possible.

About us

Andermatt Swiss Alps is transforming Andermatt to become the new height of Swiss Alpine living. With its hotels, sports infrastructure, events programme and real estate, ASA is creating a vibrant community for guests and residents to enjoy, building to the highest possible sustainability standards.

Samih O. Sawiris Chairman at Orascom Development

Creating destinations

“The first time I visited Andermatt, I encountered something special: the unadulterated natural beauty of a Swiss mountain village in the heart of the Alps. I was captivated, not only by the village of Andermatt, but by the whole valley. The expansive high mountain Ursern Valley, with its wild and aromantic natural landscape, inspired my vision of Andermatt Swiss Alps. Even then, it was clear to me that the soul of this region lies in its untouched nature. I see sustainability as the cornerstone upon which the development is based. I warmly invite you to discover the charm of the Swiss Alps. Step into a world that is closer than you think.”

Begin your new life at Mira in Andermatt Swiss Alps.

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